LG announces second-gen Chocolate handset

LG has announced it will be releasing a new Chocolate handset next month, three years after the original hit shelves.The first Chocolate was released

The first Chocolate was released in May 2006 and really put LG on the phone map – especially in the design stakes. Even now, it remains the company's most successful phone to date.

So there's little surprise the company is looking to refresh the handset into a second-gen version, adding it to its Black Label Series made up of the original Chocolate, the Shine and the Secret.

LG has been pretty shy on specs and pics at the moment, but has promised a phone following in the minimalist, distinctive design footsteps of its predecessor, coupled with "functionality and performance".

It has also said it will be a "disruptive force" in conventional mobile phone screens, so read into that what you will.

We'll keep you in the loop with developments on this story as it happens, but let us know what you think to a second-gen Chocolate below.