LG and Microsoft readying iPhone killer

It's no secret that LG's touchscreen blowers, from the Viewty to the Cookie, leave a lot to be desired when it comes to actually pawing them. And like

But rather than take it lying down, LG and Microsoft have just announced plans to work together on a string of new WinMo blowers. And with the Koreans already telling us of their plans of an iPhone–alike touchscreen, it's no leap to suggest it could back some Ballmer–backed goodies too.

See, LG is also on record as saying they want to make their cells more like mobile computers, just like the iPhone or T–Mobile G1. And Microsoft are clearly in a good position to make that happen. Whether they can give the OS a sufficient paint job to turn on regular Joes as well as hard–hitting City types remains to be seen.

We're heading back over to LG HQ in Korea at the end of the month, so leep it locked for any titbits we manage to tease out of them. For more Korean exclusives stuff, check out our Far East blog.