LG 55EM960 heralds arrival of Ultimate Display OLED TV

LG sets out its OLED battle plan. Its Trojan horse is the stunning 55in OLED TV we saw at CES, with a few tweaks

When you invite 400 of your closest friends to Monaco’s fancy Salle des Etoiles to unveil your new TV, chances are you don’t expect to find it in the bargain aisle at Asda any time soon.

So while there’s no official price yet for LG’s 55in consumer OLED TV, rest assured that it’ll be reaching out for the wallets of people who live in tax-free European principalities rather than the denizens of your average terraced house.

It’s basically the model we saw at CES, but as LG ramps up the production lines in advance of going public with its OLED offering (which LG claims is the world’s largest and slimmest OLED TV) it’s got a marginally trimmer design and a weighty base plinth.

The final spec means the LG 55EM960 is now just 4mm thin, and we can attest to the blazing colours on its “Ultimate Display” panel. It’s expected to arrive this summer, rocking a price tag in the range of £7000. Maybe ask your boss if he can pay your salary into your Monte Carlo account until then, eh?

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