LG 15-inch OLED coming in November, 40-inch model in pipeline

Sony may well have put its large-scale OLED screen plans on hold for now, but LG has continued to work its OLED socks off, with a 15-inch model coming

Despite sounding small the 15-inch model will still be the biggest commercial model so far, following on from Sony's 11-inch XEL-1 in 2007.

The super skinny TV will be shown off at IFA later this week, and is pegged for release in Korea in November and overseas next year.

There's been no price banded around, but you can expect it to come in at a pocket-stinging price considering Sony's 11-incher still sells for over £2,000.

As for bigger sizes, an LG executive said: "We are planning to unveil a 40-inch grade (OLED) product in a not too distant future." We don't even want to think about the price tag on that.

We'll be at IFA bringing you back all the news, pictures and videos so keep it locked to for all the latest.

Via: Reuters