Leyio PSD gets priced up

Transferring data isn't something that normally stokes our gadgety fires. But the Leyio personal sharing device (PSD), is one of the coollest gadgets

Using ultra wide broadband (UWB), it wirelessly transfers files from one stick to the other in just seconds. Keeping things nice and simple, you just need to pair the devices, before flicking your wrist to throw data. It couldn't be easier.

Inside you'll find 16GB of storage, as well as the 'Shuttle', a detachable 2GB USB drive for conventional file grabbing. And in case you were thinking about how you find the files you want to share, there's a tiny LCD so you can scroll through and nab what you want.

It's due to land in April, for £159. Not cheap, but what price being first in the technology queue.


Leyio PSD

Price: £159

On sale: April

Contact: Leyio