Lets be Wii friends - Kitt

You may have noticed your friends list on Xbox Live has gone a bit quiet of late. Have you had trouble finding friends to help you shoot all those nas

The Wii. That’s the answer. After extensive shortages at launch as the entire nation went Wii crazy, that second batch has filtered out and everybody is jumping around their house like a loony.

I’ve skateboarded down the ruins of Machu Picchu in Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam. I’ve sprayed bullets around Japanese restaurant kitchen’s in Red Steel, I’ve got an Eagle in Golf, a strike in Bowling, a knockout in Boxing and a good few ace’s in Tennis all in Wii sports. I’ve slapped, plunged and danced with so many bunnies I’ve lost count in Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Once you’ve flailed around like a maniac you find yourself exploring your Wii to see what else it has to offer. Obviously you have to make a Mii and that weather channel is strangely fascinating. If you can afford it after purchasing the Wii itself, I recommend going to the Shop Channel and downloading some classic Nintendo games - then playing hard like its 1989! If you can’t afford it then you can at least go into the shop screen and rock out to the fantastic elevator music they play like it’s… 1959.

Not everything on the Wii is as straight forward to pick up as the Wiimote. The friend system isn’t as straight forward as Live. It’s hard to pull yourself out of that way of thinking and accept that the Nintendo friend system is a bit more old-school, but it’s still fun. If you’ve connected your Wii via wifi and are now struggling to understand what to do with it, never fear. Your Kitt has spent a bit of time working it out.

How to connect with your friends:

> First off, click on the little envelope on the bottom right of the main Wii Menu screen. > Once you’re in the Message Board screen click on the second circle on the bottom left of the screen - the Create Message button. > Click on the Address Book. > You should see your console’s friend Number. > Now follow this link.

You'll be taken to a web form that you can fill out to create a bar to use in your signature on forums that will display your Wii Number. Normally you would have to swap Wii numbers with your friends via email or by phoning them. This Wii Number signature bar has been created by Frag Dolls UK forum moderators FlareUK and BSLSimes and comes in a variety of styles.

So it might look like this:

Or this:

Or my favourite:

To add someone to your address book, go to the Address Book in your Wii Message Board, then click Register and enter their friends code. Once you have both done this with each others codes, code you can send messages. You can also send your Mii to your friends through the Mii channel.

Have fun and don’t forget to register my Wii code!

PS. You might notice you’re blue light coming on even when your Wii is switched off. It’s doing stuff. Stuff you don’t need to know about but important stuff all the same.