Lenovo supertablet brings Tegra 3 before Christmas

Ice Cream Sandwich on a tablet in time for Christmas? And 2GB RAM – we’re excited

A Lenovo tablet might not usually set your hairs on end, but this quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 toting beast with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and a staggering 2GB DDR3 RAM has us wide-eyed. The 10.1in tablet is set to land before the end of the year, which – if it beats the Asus Transformer Prime to the store shelves – will make it the first Android 4.0 quad-core tablet in the country.

The source, found by Engadget, won’t divulge anything else on size, but judging from the below photo we're expecting a well-built slim tablet from Lenovo. With a full-sized USB port, front facing camera, and fingerprint reader that doubles as an optical joystick, this could be at the top of many a Christmas list.

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