Lenovo K91 55in TV runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Lenovo's unofficial Google TV stirs the waters of the upcoming smart TV wars

Lenovo has lifted the wraps off its 55in K91 Smart TV set which runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, showing that Apple TV is going to have some serious competition in the living room.

Lenovo claims it's the first TV to run Android 4.0, and though it's not officially a Google TV product, it packs some serious computing power for a TV. Behind the 1080p IPS display is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, in addition to a 5MP camera to take care of video calling and face recognition duties

Meanwhile the remote control has a touchpad, five-way directional pad and a motion sensor. And because buttons are so old fashioned, voice and motion control are on hand to make changing channels an altogether more futuristic experience. Though we can see this triggering living room shouting matches as disputes over channel selection hot up.

The Lenovo K91 is set for a Chinese launch in spring, but we're really hoping to see some of its Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured goodness over here to take on Apple's forthcoming efforts.

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