Leica S2 DSLR – yours in October for £16,000

Leica has priced at dated its high-end S2 DSLR camera, that comes packing a serious spec sheet for a wallet-stinging price tag.With 37.5 megapixels an

With 37.5 megapixels and a sensor 56% larger than full frame piled into its 35mm-sized body, you'd probably guess it was aimed at the professional photography fraternity even before you spied its £16,000 price tag.

Incorporating a new dual shutter system, an "ultra-high-precision" autofocusing system and a Maetro image processing system that works twice as fast as comparable medium-format backs, every inch of the camera is as high-end as its price.

The S2 will be coming to the UK in October, and if you're feeling particularly flush – why not upgrade and opt for the S2-P with its sapphire glass monitor screen and "Platinum Service" support package for £19,092?

Of course, both of these prices are body only – your lenses are going to cost somewhere between £3,096 and £5,160. Best get to re-mortgaging your house then...