Leica M Monochrom revealed

World’s first black and white digital rangefinder camera unveiled ahead of July launch

Leica has unveiled the latest model in its M series of rangefinder cameras – and it’s a bit special. The M Monochrom is, as its name suggests, a camera designed for black and white photography.

Most digital camera sensors have a colour filter, but Leica has dispensed with this. As a result there’s no splitting of the light hitting the sensor, and no need to interpolate the image – the idea being that this gives much sharper black and white results than a regular colour digital camera would.

The M Monochrom features an 18-megapixel sensor, RAW compatibility, ISO that goes up to 10000 and compatibility with the range of M lenses. It’s made of magnesium alloy finished in matte black, which we think you’ll agree is “hella sexy”.

Look out for it in July, if you’ve got a spare £6,120 burning a hole in your pocket.

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