Leica to launch mirrorless compact system camera

Not as soon as we might like, but it's coming

Leica is planning to join the compact system camera bandwagon, according to its CEO, Alfred Schopf.

Talking to the British Journal of Photography, Schopf said, "It's more than an idea. You will see something at the next Photokina." He also confirmed it'd use an APS-C sensor size at the least, so possibly there's thought of using the full frame from the Leica M9-P.

It's not out of the question that it should be styled after the Leica X1 (pictured), but one thing we would like cleared up is whether it'll be manual focus and use existing M- or R-mount lenses, or whether there'll be yet another breed of lenses unleashed.

Don't get too excited, though – Photokina only runs every two years, so the next one isn't till September 2012.

We've also been hearing rumours that Fujifilm plan to join the mirrorless market next year. Hopefully it'll be the interchangeable-lens evolution of the magnificently retro Fujifilm FinePix X100.