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This Lego camera gives Instagram a run for its money

Our love affair with Lego continues, with this handmade vintage brick and cardboard snapper

After the likes of the Lego Death Star, Lego jet engine and Lego drum machine, a vintage camera crafted from a bunch of Danish wonder bricks almost seems normal.

Made from Lego, cardboard and duct tape by creator Dominique Vankan, the ultra retro snapper uses a 1900s photography process called Autochrome Lumière to capture shots, courtesy of dyed grains of potato starch used as colour filters. Tasty stuff.

Unsurprisingly, quality levels dip far, far below the capabilities of an SLR, compact or even smartphone camera, but fans of Instagram filters will fall head over heels for the quirky results.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to make a telescope with a cereal box and some dental floss.

[Neatorama via Gizmodo]

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