Lego approves official Minecraft set

Put that pixellated sword down for a moment and join us in celebrating the merger of two wondrously blocky delights

Lego has made many a pixel-crafter's dream come true by approving a Lego Minecraft set. 10,00 supporters voted for the set on Lego's idea-generating Cuusoo website, and the interwebs are already trembling with anticipation.

We've always thought that Mincecraft and Lego were destined to be together like the cheese and tomato sandwich of the blocky entertainment world, and we at cannot wait to start recreating our Minecraft lava palaces on our office desks – complete with mini creepers.

It's too early for any sort of release date or pricing information, but we'll be sure to let you know what our Lego radar picks up in the hopefully near future.

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