The Left 4 Dead 2 boycott: A sign of changing player attitudes?

The internet's an unpredictable beast at the beast of times but the fan rebellion against plans to release Left 4 Dead 2 is certainly a surprise. Flus

Flush with the success of the original, creators Valve doubtless thought fans would lap up the news that a follow-up was on the way. But now more than 27,000 fans of the company's multiplayer zombie game have lent their support to a boycott campaign.

The reasoning behind the boycott is largely two-fold. First, the boycotters say Valve has broken its promise to keep producing free, extra content for the original game to maintain its shelf life.

Second, they claim that Left 4 Dead 2 would harm the multiplayer experience since some players would buy the new game while others would stick with the original, meaning fewer people to play with for both groups.

The expectation that Valve could keep making and giving away extra content was always unrealistic, but the boycott is a sign of a wider shift in player attitudes.

Now that the option of downloadable content is becoming widespread, people rightly want their favourite games to keep expanding rather than having to shell out £30 to £40 for a mild update.

We may be entering a time where the annual updates of games like FIFA are simply unacceptable except when there's a major leap forward in how it plays or uses technology on offer.

It's a tempting idea, but will players be happy with it when the extra content comes with a price tag?



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