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Leaked video shows iPhone 5 booting up

Grab onto something, the iPhone 5 news surge is getting stronger by the day. And it's definitely not camera shy

Earlier this week we saw a reportedly real iPhone 5 boot up to the connect to iTunes screen, and now we’ve been graced with yet another iPhone 5 strutting its stuff in front of the camera.

Well, not quite strutting. This iPhone 5 – which was allegedly smuggled past the guards at a Chinese factory – can only manage to boot to an error message, stating that the device is not registered as part of Apple’s official developer programme. Bummer.

Still, all the now-familiar features including the new dock connector, bottom headphone port location and larger screen are all present and accounted for, leaving very little doubt as to what the 5th generation iPhone will look like come its official reveal next Tuesday.

The anonymous cameraman has confirmed that the new iPhone 5 will be slimmer than the iPhone 4S (as its leaked thinner battery previously suggested), but with no video leaks managing to get past the boot screen and show off iOS 6, Apple could still have a few software surprises up its sleeves.

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[via idesigntimes]

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