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Leaked iPad Mini and iPhone 5 cases are compared in the wild

Will any one ever fix the leaky pipes of the internet? Perhaps. But until they do, here's another iPhone 5 and iPad Mini rumour to wet your iWhistle

A MacRumours reader has posted pictures online of what he claims to be genuine iPad Mini and iPhone 5 cases built based on leaked specs from Apple’s Foxconn factories.

The iPad Mini has previously been said to have a 7.85in screen, and judging by the difference in proportion between the new iPad 3 and iPad Mini cases above, that seems about right.

The iPad Mini will also apparently keep the same aspect ratio and 1024×768 resolution as the iPad 2, resulting in a notably un-Retina Display with 163ppi, suggesting it will be a fair bit easier on the wallet than the new iPad 3.

It all collaborates with reportedly genuine leaked photos of the iPad Mini’s actual casing, so Apple fans in the market for a slate with a smaller footprint should definitely have something to look forward to.

The leaked iPhone 5 case on the other hand confirms what we already know about the iPhone 5, and appears to keep the same basic shape as the iPhone 4S while being stretched a little taller. All the better for housing the all-but-confirmed 4in screen eh?

Join us tomorrow for the iPhone 5 launch to see what Apple officially has up its sleeve, and check out our iPhone 5 rumour roundup for all the rumours in one handy place.

UPDATE: Read our iPhone 5 review

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