Latest Google Android phone delayed

Google Android may be readying itself for global domination on 2009, but the handset billed as the first phone packing the OS since the T–Mobile

The Kogan Agora, destined to hit Australia first, took its cue from a classic full QWERTY BlackBerry, but Gizmodo is reporting that issues with its low res screen have scuppered plans to have it on shelves by the end of January.

Word is developers are working on apps that will need a high–res screen, meaning the new device will be hamstrung when those new programmes hit Android Market. Kogan has apparently gone back to the drawing board, with plans for a beefed up model at some point later this year.

The news leaves HTC clear to unveil the T–Mobile G2 at Mobile World Congress, doubtless followed by the Asus Eee Phone and Google–backed models from Sony Ericsson and Samsung.