News wades into YouTube music video debate

Yesterday we reported on YouTube's ditching of premium music videos due to its inability to reach an agreement with the Performing Rights Society. Wel

Stiksel told the BBC that his site has had similar trouble thrashing out a solution, stating that "online music licensing is getting more complicated and more expensive."

"We pay each time one user listens to a song or watches a clip and, while that is more accurate because it makes sure the more popular songs get paid more, it is also very expensive. Terrestrial radio pays a fixed minimum and that works out a lot cheaper."

He went on to say that, unless a satisfactory system of rates is sorted out, legit sites like and YouTube will drop music totally and "illegal services will take over".

It seems a shame that the out-dated business model of the UK music industry is hampering artists and consumers alike. Again.

Music fans will get their tunes and video, either from legit sources or otherwise, so why not see web distribution as an opportunity rather than a threat? Bah.