Korg, Nintendo DS tie-in is music to our pockets

Korg has been pretty busy lately, what with the release of the Kaossilator, Mini KP Kaoss Pad and Zero4 DJ Mixer. So it looks like it's decided to sha

It was unveiled this week at the Musikmesse event in Frankfurt, though it looks like it's intended for Japan only at this stage. The good news is that the DS is region free, so if you really can't live without a Korg in your pocket, you can import the cartridge from Japan.

The DS-10 has two analog synth simulators and drum module, as well as a 6-track/16-step sequencer for all manner of music mayhem. You'll also be able to connect with friends via wireless link for an electro-jam session on the bus or just to swap sounds and songs.

Now, how do you say "I need a Korg DS-10 cartridge – it's an emergency!" in Japanese?


Korg DS-10

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA (Now in Japan)

Contact: AQ Interactive