Kinect Star Wars app sends your Windows Phone feeds scrolling through space

It might not be a Star Wars WinPho game but we'd like to think this is how R2-D2 catches up on his tweets, twoots, and beeps

We get the impression that the Force was strong in Microsoft for this one – then it got seriously sidetracked. The Kinect Star Wars companion app for Windows Phone doesn't offer any of the usual hints, tips and second screen action for the Kinect game – but it does have one seriously cool trick up its sleeve.

Switch your phone to landscape view and once you've set up your social media accounts, you can see your tweets or Facebook updates scroll across the screen, just like the opening credits to the Star Wars films.

Yes, it's true – and even better it's just for you, Windows Phone users. Download the free app now and rub it in the face of any iPhone and Android users in sight – and let's not kid ourselves, that'll probably be everyone else in a ten mile radius.

It's compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and above and you can pin a live tile to your phone's Start screen so you don't accidentally go back to using the non-space opera version of your social networks. Just don't forget to let us know when you unlock the holographic video call feature.

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