Is this the Kinect 2?

Image capture leak reveals high-definition motion capture skills

That Microsoft is working on an Xbox 360 replacement is all but a certainty, with everything from leaked business plans to dev models pointing to the existence of an Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango).

But the Xbox console itself isn't the only bit of hardware getting an upgrade – that leaked business plan points to the existence of a Kinect 2, and the first concrete evidence for an improved Xbox motion capture system has just appeared on the internet.

A photo posted by Twitter user @superDaE purportedly shows an image taken from the Kinect 2, which the chaps over at The Verge have confirmed with their sources. The image shows off the new Kinect's increased depth and movement data capture skills, which mirror the leaked business plan's promise of improved 3D play space.

Whether the Kinect 2 can also deliver the improved voice recording and four player tracking that Microsoft's aiming for remains to be seen. Still – the ball's in your court, Sony – can the PlayStation 4 up its game to compete with Xbox 720 and the new Kinect?

[Twitter via The Verge]

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