Kindle Touch to be discontinued?

Is it the end of the line already for Amazon’s Touch ereader? It looks like the Paperwhite has dealt the killer blow

The Amazon Kindle Touch – which landed on UK shores on April 27th – may be forced into early retirement. Speculation is running rife that the Kindle Touch will be discontinued as the backlit Paperwhite takes its place.

The Touch is “currently unavailable” on Amazon with a link pointing to “a newer model of this item” – the Paperwhite.

It makes sense to discontinue the Kindle Touch – the Paperwhite is basically the same product with a backlight. And according to our five-star Paperwhite review deciding on your next ebook reader is a no-brainer. So no tears as the Touch departs then, right? Certainly not when we're all too excited about the iPad Mini launch tonight.

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