Kindle DX gets official

Just as expected, Amazon has unveiled the third addition to its Kindle e-reader family today – the rather statuesque Kindle DX.Packing a large 9

Packing a large 9.7-inch electronic paper display, the DX dwarfs the original Kindle, and is using its bigger size to appeal to wider markets.

Both the New York Times and Washington Post are set to launch pilots with the Kindle DX, which will see the papers distributed in Kindle format and DX's offered at a cut price to those signing up for a long term subscription.

Its larger screen and improved graphics are also allowing textbook publishers to hop on the Kindle bandwagon as well, meaning uni students could be getting the new Kindles dished out to them instead of of the good old fashion paper versions.

Putting the screen size aside for a minute, the DX also boasts a built-in PDF reader, auto-rotate capability and storage for a whopping 3,500 books. It's also attractively skinny, at just over a third of an inch thick.

Although it may not have seen a launch in the UK as yet, its popularity is soaring in the States with more than 275,000 books now available in the Kindle Store, and 1,500 blogs available as well.

The DX retains the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of previous Kindles, as well as text-to-speech technology so you can get your book read to you if you're feeling really lazy.

The Kindle DX is currently up for pre-order at for $489, more than $100 more than the Kindle 2, and is set to ship sometime in the summer.

As always we'll keep you updated, but while we wait for a Kindle launch in the UK, be sure to check out our review of the Kindle-esque Sony PRS 505 Reader.