Kinda cool mini router

There are two scenarios to explain this photo. One is that the man with the black sleeve has elephantine hands. The other is that Linksys has a new tiny weeny Wi-Fi router

If you're reading this, we're going to be really presumptious and guess that you're a travelling type who's familar with the inside of hotel bedrooms.

In which case, you'll appreciate the Linksys WRT54GC's compact (98 x 98 x 25mm) dimensions and ability to turn a hotel Ethernet socket into your own private wireless hotspot.

It's an obvious rival to Apple's Aiport Express and the Asus WL-330, and not a bad rival at that. It's 802.11g, somehow squeezes in 4 Ethernet ports and comes loaded with WPA2-friendly firmware to keep naughty hackers out.

£66 to you, from Expansys in the UK.