Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat encrypted Skype alternative

No longer will US government snoops be able to listen in on your fortnightly call to your mum

In a bid to avoid the US government snoops listening in to our video calls with their backdoor access to Skype, infamous Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has launched an encrypted video calling and file sharing service called MegaChat.

The new service is taking its first steps with the beta version out today. Don't expect much in the way of bells and whistles, but Kim Dotcom has promised that text chat and video conferencing options will be available soon.

Encrypted file sharing is also available on MegaChat, and you don't need to install any software to use the browser-based service, though extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available to further improve security and performance. 

However, there are some questions over how infallible the security is, after previous hacks on the encrypted Mega file-sharing service in 2013. So in a bid to seal up any cracks in MegaUpload's security, Kim Dotcom is offering rewards to anyone who reports a security bug. 

Want to keep your convos close to your chest? You can try out MegaChat via the Mega website now.

[via The Register]

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