Kickstarter UK arriving this autumn

The crowdfunding service du jour will finally be available to UK residents – so start thinking of a project!

If you had an idea in the past and needed funding, chances are you’d have to go cap in hand to potential investors one-by-one. A bit like Dragon’s Den, but with slightly less ridicule. Kickstarter has changed all that: post a slick proposal on its website and if the public likes it, they can donate and help you gather enough capital to make your brainchild a reality.

Problem is, only US residents can use it – but that’s set to change. This afternoon Kickstarter announced via its Twitter feed that it would be launching in the UK this autumn. That’s about all we have to go on for now, but more information is promised soon. Great news for budding British entrepreneurs – and if you want to get inspired, check out our list of the best 10 Kickstarter projects.