Kickstarter project aims to bring full colour holograms into your home

Our geek senses are tingling, and our wallets are begging to be opened. That's right, another geek-worthy Kickstarter project has been picked up by our gadget radars

Hologram company Litiholo has offered DIY hologram kits for enthusiasts for a while now, but up until very recently, only red holograms were supported.

That's where Kickstarter comes in. After successfully raising US$30,000 Litiholo will have enough money to purchase additional green and blue hologram-tested lasers, allowing you to create your very own life-like holograms in full, glorious colour.

The Kit will also come with 20 hologram film plates, enabling you to replicate any small object (including, of course, yout Princess Leia figurine) in eye-watering realism.

If you fancy a slice of the hologram action then head on over to Kickstarter now and get pledging, or take a trip to Litholo for their red hologram kit which can be bought now for US$100.

[Kickstarter via 3D Focus]