Karotz – it’s Nabaztag reborn!

The world 's most famous Wi-Fi wabbit is due for a shock return in 2011 as Karotz...

Anyone remember Nabaztag, the French-Armenian web-connected rabbit gadget that could read emails and deliver weather reports? Well, we liked it so much we named it one of our “Best of 2006”, so the news that it’s all set for a return has caused a buzz around Stuff Towers.

Now called Karotz, the bunny will relaunch in March 2011 with a new design and new features. Those weather reports are still there, but now there are Twitter and Facebook updates too.

He’ll play music and podcasts, and even remind you of friends’ birthdays, and keep an eye on your gear with its webcam – which can even send pics directly to your smartphone.

We’ll get a chance to meet Karotz personally at CES in early January, but in the meantime this video should give you an idea of what he’s all about.

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