K-TOR Power Box lets you cycle charge your mobile

Burn calories while sitting down and charging you mobile device all at the same time

K-TOR, the not-so-famous but innovatively excellent charger specialist has come up with a charger that helps you get fit. The Power Box is a small pedal powered unit that folds up to slip into your bag at 1.8kg. That means you can charge your mobile, tablet, netbook – or anything else that takes 20W or less – simply by pedaling, anywhere.

Granted you probably won’t be using it on the train, unless you like being laughed at, but it’s perfect for popping under your desk at work so you can continue shoveling down Mars Bars guilt free. No price as yet but we’re told it’s coming soon, watch this space for a test of this and the bike adapter that lets you charge while cycling your bike.

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