Just because they could – US$45,000 piston-powered liquid watch

You mean to say your watch doesn't tell the time with fluorescent green liquid? What century are you living in?

Before we begin, lets get the price of this piece of wrist-wear out of the way – it's US$45,000. Why so high we hear you cry out? Well for starters, the HYT H1 is driven by pistons and bellows.

The complicated mechanics ticking away inside the stylishly chunky metal body drive a fluorescent green liquid called Flourescein around the outer rim, thereby marking the hours. Fun fact: Fluorescin is also used in forensics to detect blood stains. So don't go murdering anyone while you're wearing it. The minutes, meanwhile, are taken care of by a dedicated dial in the centre.

Overall the design – coupled with the, er, enthusiastic music in the trailer below – suggest that the HYT H1 would feel right at home on the wrist of Batman himself. We'll take two, one for each wrist.

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