Just because they could – tongue controlled Kinect

One step too far for gesture controlled Kinect hacks? No such thing. Especially where Japanese researchers are concerned

Tired of flailing around playing Kinect Fruit Ninja and Kinect Skyrim and looking for something a bit sexier? Well don't watch this video on tongue waggling controls for the marvellous Xbox add-on.

Researchers at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan have made a tongue interface that tracks your eyes, nose and mouth area before zoning in on your tongue to detect movements. They've even created a shooting game based on moving your tongue from left to right – stick your tongue out to shoot.

It won't be joining eye controlled gaming on our 'money no object' wish lists anytime soon though, the main reason the research bods have bothered is to try to help people who have speech or swallowing problems, without jamming instruments down their throats. Diginfo has the vid and more details.

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