Just because they could – Peel relaunches world's smallest car

Fancy rolling around in a car that packs as much power as a lawnmower? This is the retro 60's relaunch for you

British engineering company Peel has relaunched a (very) limited edition run of its miniscule Trident and P50 single-seater cars, the latter of which holds the title of the world's smallest car.

The original Peel P50 was advertised as being able to seat one adult and a shopping bag, and you'll be hard pressed to fit more than that in today's model, thanks to its record breaking 1.4x1x1.2m dimensions and light 60KG body.

Both the electric and 49-cc petrol versions offer a top speed of 40mph, with the petrol version serving up 188mpg in comparison to the 20 mile range provided by the battery pack.

The fibreglass Trident's dimensions are almost as tiny, measuring in at 1.8x1m with a weight of 90kg. Entry is obtained via the top of the Trident, which swings up for access – a handy feature given its complete lack of doors.

Both the electric and petrol version of the Trident offer the same speeds and range as the P50, and both cars will be available in a limited edition run of 25 models, for £12,500 each.

Now if you excuse us, we've got two Peel P50s to buy. One for each foot.

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