Just because they could – Microsoft transparent 3D desktop

This reverse-holographic display fuses OLED, 3D and Kinect tech for some serious file-shuffling

Souped-up Nintendo 3DS?

Look closer – that's a transparent OLED display (made by Samsung) that lets you move 3D images around by gesturing behind the screen. It's a little project Microsoft has been working on and we've got to say we like the look of this new form of manipulation.

Why does Microsoft want to trap my hands?

Good point. Obviously it'd be much more exciting if they'd managed full-blown holographic projections that we could twist and turn. But this is a fascinating baby step in the right direction. What's clever too is the way they've used Kinect – the sensor's track the movement of your hands but also track your eyes to customise the depth and perspective of the 3D images to your position.


This is a prototype after all so we'll let Microsoft flaunt what it can do, just don't expect this transparent 3D desktop to become reality anytime soon. Real-time interaction with virtual 3D objects is a way off for now. For now, feast your eyes on the vid and get applying to the internship scheme if you want a go.


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