Just because they could – JuiceTank iPhone case

Who wants to lug around chargers and cables everywhere they go? Not us

There are a whole host of quirky Kickstarter projects out there on the interwebs, with some proving to be more useful than others. The JuiceTank iPhone case however has caught our eye by combining a plug, charger and case into one product, resulting in a veritable Swiss army knife of an iPhone case.

Ditching the cables and getting straight down to business, the JuiceTank features built in plug prongs for instant hassle-free mains socket charging on the go, while protecting your precious iPhone 4 or 4S from any nasty mishaps that might come its way.

A US$40 pledge on Kickstarter is all that's required to ensure that you're one of the first 400 gadgeteers to lay your hands on the JuiceTank, and although only North American plugs are supported for the time being, we're keeping our fingers crossed for UK and EU versions in future updates.

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