Just because they could – GoldAmp A100 bullion amplifier

Fancy an amp that’s been given the Midas touch? We hope you’ve won the lottery…

The GoldAmp A100 amplifier has been lovingly crafted to resemble a bar of gold bullion. At only 800g it’s a lot more pocketable than its precious metal counterpart and it also manages to pack in high-quality engineering to ensure that even the most golden-eared of audiophiles are kept sweet.

Thanks to a lot of technical doohickeys – namely fewer wires, shorter distances between speakers and input impedance tweaking – your speakers should be able to receive the purest signal without any pesky loss or interference.

Estimated to have a price tag between US$48,620 and $51,490, we might consider putting up with a bit of audio loss and pocketing the monetary equivalent in gold bars, but each to their own we suppose. Oh, and they're 100W mono power amps, so you'll need two for stereo, plus a preamp. Wallet squeaking, is it?


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