Just because they could – emotive cars

When a self-driven car is about to maniacally mow you down, wouldn't you rather it was smiling at you?

Self-driven cars are the future, at least according to the likes of Google and Volkswagen, who have been trialling intelligent driverless cars for some time now.

To help pedestrians adjust to the inevitable reality of driverless vehicles hurtling around like they're possessed, NewScientist reports that those clever-clogs at MIT are working on technology that will give cars the gift of emotive self expression. Think Cars the movie, except in real life.

A working mini prototype already exists which features swivelling 'eye' headlights, microspeakers to communicate with pedestrians and a Kinect sensor to detect the vulnerable flesh of passing humans.

Although just design suggestions at this stage, a future with grinning hatchbacks and scowling saloons could be a distinct possibility. Just remember to cross the road as briskly as possible, lest you anger your new vehicular overlords…

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