Just because they could – BOXX electric bike

What weighs 55KG, is 1 metre long and can carry you for 40 miles? Nope, not a great dane. Just this tiny electric two wheeled roller.

Miniature electric bikes have been popping up for a while now – and the latest electric mini roller to join the likes of the YikeBike is the BOXX electric bike.

Its 1 metre length and fairly hefty 55kg weight means that it won't be making an appearance on train carriages any time soon, but it does offer a respectable top speed of 35mph, a top range of 40 miles and can support portly users weighing up to 136kg.

An extra US$600 will add another 40 miles to the max range, or you can stick to the base model for US$4,000 and spend the extra cash on a set of full motorbike leathers for added comedic effect.

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