Just because they could – Bentley’s £100k multimedia add-on package

Would Sir care to splurge on some shiny gadgets for one’s motor?

If a standard Bentley isn’t enough to satisfy your gadget lust then you may wish to consider putting down another £100,000 on top of the Mulsanne’s £220,000 base price in a package that promises all sorts of decadent extravagance.

The extra injection of cash will nab you a pair of iPads (with Bluetooth keyboards) that are skilfully integrated in to the rear tray tables as well as a 320GB Mac mini hidden away in the boot. A drop-down HD LED screen located in the roof lining should satisfy all entertainment requirements and the ability to control reading lights as well all audio and video sources via a custom-built app is a handy little touch.

An iPod dock is of course also included, slotted away in a rear console which boasts a fridge and a not-so-high-tech tissue box. If you’re in the market for a luxury ride then we suggest you start saving those pennies – we’ve already ordered a dozen. Let's hope they don't ask for a deposit...


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