Just because they could – Apocalypse survival room

Whether it’s a natural disaster, nuclear holocaust or zombie uprising, this shelter has got your back


Whether you believe the Aztec’s foreboding predictions or not, there’s no denying that the world is becoming a dangerous place, riddled with complicated politics, contaminated vegetables and advanced robots. Designer Phil Pauley is hoping to offer some piece of mind for us paranoid folk with his tech-infused doomsday shelter.

Each enclosure houses 70 people and features an emergency life support system which handily neutralises any toxic gases. An in-built computer system also connects the capsule to the outside world after the door is sealed so that your status can be monitored by those unlucky souls left to deal with whatever cataclysm is taking place. Coupled with an all-important bathroom and two weeks’ worth of food and water, this life-saving ecosystem is a veritable bargain at only £300,000.