Just because they could – 55in multi-touch table

We'll see your 4in smartphone... and raise you 51 inches 

We sincerely hope that your beloved tablet is out of the room on slate-related business as you read this. Ideum’s MT55 is the world’s latest multitouch table at 55in. It has a gargantuan full HD display covered by hardened glass with haptic feedback. The monolithic device offers 32 simultaneous touch points – perfect for a fully blown finger swiping pinch-to-zoom orgy.

The story under the hood is equally impressive, with a hyper-threaded Intel i5 or i7 running the show,  8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. Sadly, it's only available in the USA and Canada for now, International orders are due later this year – plenty of time to save up the US$17,950 needed to nab one.


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