Just because they could – $1 billion tech city

Scientists start building this gadget-tastic ghost town in New Mexico at the end of June – here's what the future looks like

Tech City? Isn't that in East London?

The tech ghost town we're talking about, my friend, would make East London's start-up hub run to mummy screaming it's little head off. This $1billion (£620m) city planned for Lea County over in New Mexico will be a massive ghost town because there's no plans to let anyone live there just yet.

Sounds spooky.

The cool gadgets will be your friends in this lonely town, don't worry. The whole point of The Centre for Innovation, Technology and Testing is to try out crazy new tech that we'll be using when The Jetsons becomes reality in ten (or so) year's time. That includes everything from intelligent traffic systems to self-flushing toilets.

How do they feel about day trips?

In theory you could actually live there – once the ball starts rolling in June, the roads will be populated with self-driving cars and the houses will be hooked up a smart electricity grid with all the essentials like plumbing in place.

But chances are, the scientists, designers and construction workers won't want to be bothered by tech-minded tourists everyday. So you'll just have to keeping bothering your local council for now.

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