The June issue of Stuff is in shops NOW!

It’s miserable out. Why not settle down by the fire with the June issue of Stuff?

You could be forgiven for thinking the June issue of Stuff is a homage to a certain middle-tier high-street fashion chain, but it’s not. NEXT is all about the gadgets, services, trends and technologies that are just around the corner: the stuff that’s going to make the future even awesomer than the present is.

Think iPhone 5, Asus Transformer Infinity, Wii U, Windows 8, Apple iTV – it’s all in there. And there’s more. We were feeling optimistic when we put the June issue together, so it’s decked out with outdoor gear such as rugged cameras, portable Bluetooth speakers and camping kit. If the weather stays like this, you’re more likely to stay inside and watch TV – so, handily, we’ve also covered the five best smart TVs you can buy in the supertest.

The June issue of Stuff is in all upstanding and tasteful newsagents now as well as the Newsstand, where its patiently waiting to grace your iPad with its slick interactive presence . To find out even more about it, click here.