June issue out now!

The latest issue of the world's best selling gadget mag is out now. From crowdfunded kit to the science of football, we've got all the tech you could possibly want this month

Haven't you heard? Yes, yes, we all know that the bird is the word, but more importantly, the June issue of Stuff Magazine is out now!

Something else you may have heard is that crowdfunding websites Kickstarter and Indiegogo are changing the way new products come to market, challenging the superiority of the big corporations. But's it's not all one way traffic, as you'll find out in our Kickstarters vs the Megacorps feature. Big hardware manufacturers are using the little guys' innovation to test the waters, then piggybacking off their success. Have a read before you back your next project…

And yep, it's that time again… With the World Cup almost upon us, we present Stuff's Guide to making the most of the action in Brazil. From what to watch, eat and download, to the football movies you have to see and a look at the tech behind the boots and the balls through the years.

We won't describe the whole mag here – we've already written it once – but there's plenty more inside including a test of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, Fujifilm's photogenic new X-T1 and the Pebble Steel smartwatch.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that, would you? Thought not. So if you’d be so kind as to skip off down to your local newsagent, swivel your browser in the direction of newsstand.co.uk/Stuff, or point your iPad at Apple’s Newsstand, we shall begin.