July Olympic Special of Stuff Magazine out now

...and it's our first celebrity cover ever (well, actually, it's our first three celeb covers ever)

You may have heard that a sporting event called the Olympic Games is heading to east end of London a couple of months from now. You may have heard that this is kind if a big deal. We've taken it upon ourselves to commemorate said event with a magazine dedicated to the tech behind the sport - what makes athletes so awesomely good at what they do, how the greatest show on earth will work and the tech that will empower your viewing enjoyment.

Among other things, we've spoken to Mark Cavendish about his bike, Jessica Ennis about her slow-motion training and Usain Bolt about no longer eating so many chicken nuggets. And those very same athletics stars each grace their own special edition cover.

But this is Stuff, and there's much more to Stuff than sports technology. Other issue highlights include the lowdown on the Samsung Galaxy S III, an epic versus between the iPhone 4S and HTC One X (you'll be amazed by the result), a group test of affordable new Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets and five of the best BBQs money can buy. We like to keep it diverse.

The July issue of Stuff is in all tasteful newsagents now. For even more info, click here.

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