Judge Dredd is back in new trailer

He is the law – 2000AD's comic-book hero is back on the big screen, with Sly Stallone nowhere to be seen

Judge Dredd is back to clean out Mega-City One with his all-encompassing brand of justice, and there’s now a trailer out showing how he’s going to do it.

Dredd will be played by Karl Urban, of Star Trek and Lord of the Rings fame, and he's got his gun-hand full. A new drug called SLO-MO, which slows down time for the user (by affecting Shatner's Bassoon?), is causing violent citywide anarchy. Dredd, using his powers as judge, jury, and executioner, is out to clean up. From the trailer it looks a lot like recent actioner The Raid – but hopefully with more cool futuristic weapons and gadgets.

Dredd will be out in the UK on September 7th in glorious 3D.

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