JooJoo 2 tablet coming soon?

After last year's early iPad contender, the JooJoo, things can only get better

It's a rare but beautiful thing when a sequel is so good that you forget how disappointing the first installment was, and that's what Fusion Garage will be hoping for with the follow up to the now discontinued 12in Linux-based JooJoo tablet.

Rumours have already been circulating that the next JooJoo will be dubbed the Grid 10 and run on Android and now plans have turned up showing a Fusion Garage tablet, heading for the US and probably sporting a 10in screen.

JooJoo's website reckons that Fusion Garage is focusing on the next generation of devices with varying screen sizes. Then again, it also promises that exciting products will launch in the first half of 2011. So JooJoo 2 is a little behind schedule. Just a little bit of history repeating?


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