Join the Revolights cycle revolution

Illuminating the road by putting lights far from the ground, on handlebars or helmets, seems mad – Revolights have cured that insanity while making cyclists more visible at night

You may have been awaiting news on the Revolights since we mentioned them when they were still just a Kickstarter project. That wait is over.

The ingenious Revolights come in two 12 LED rings that clip to your bicycle wheels and, using a magnet and accelerometer, throw a semi-circle arc of white and red light from the front and rear. The great thing is not only does that mean a well lit road ahead but also high visibility from the sides too.

The price tag is a rather painful US$250 (£155) and the rechargable battery, which mounts to the wheel hub, lasts just four hours. But can you put a price on clear roads and cycle safety? Maybe. But you certainly can’t on looking this unique and cool at night.

[revolights via gizmag]

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