Jo Whiley's back-to-college kit

September means three things: - New Apple iPods (announced last week). - The Stuff Gadget Awards ceremony (which takes place tonight.- Half an hour ta

- New Apple iPods (announced last week).

- The Stuff Gadget Awards ceremony (which takes place tonight.

- Half an hour talking back-to-college kit with Jo Whiley on Radio 1. (At 12noon today).

Cunningly, I've found a way to tie all three together with my Top 5 back-to-college gadgets.

1 Asus Eee PC 901 £300 -  The latest ‘netbook’ (i.e. cheap, cute laptop). Unlike previous Linux-driven Eee PCs, the 901 is available with Windows. It's ideal for students, boasting a decent 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 8GB hard drive and great battery life. And it's nominated in our Stuff Awards as Computer of the Year and Gadget of the Year. Read our full review of the Asus Eee PC 901.

2 Sony Reader £200 – the ‘iPod for books’ can store hundreds of texts. The screen is amazing - it works in direct sunlight and is as easy on the eye as newsprint. And it only needs power when you change what’s on the screen, so the battery lasts weeks. Comes with a library of classic literature too, and you can download new books from Read our preview of the Sony Reader or watch our hands-on Sony Reader video.

3 A music and movie  player. There's never been a better choice of media players - our current picks are the brand new Apple iPod Nano (8GB £110), which features auto-playlist creation and motion control; Creative Zen X-Fi (16GB, £130), which sounds brilliant and offers instant messaging, and the large screen, hi-res Archos 5G (60GB, £280 - pictured). And all of them are in the shortlist for media player of the year. Read our review of the new iPod Nano, our Creative Zen X-Fi review and our Archos 5G preview.

You can also watch our video from the recent Apple iPod launch.

4 Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere £90 – excellent MP3 speaker system with room-filling sound, and batteries if you want to take it to go. Designed for iPod, but works with other players too. Read our Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere review.

5 Skypephone S2 from 3mobile – from £70 - Sign up to this pay-as-you-go mobile and get free Skype calls wherever you are - even when you're out of credit. It's a decent phone, too, featuring a 3megapixel camera, high-speed HSDPA mobile broadband, plug built-in Facebook, Bebo and Windows Messanger. You can read our review of the Skypephone S2 here.

and an extra one for luck

6 The Flip £100 - small, easy-to-use videocamera that records to solid state memory. Features a built-in USB and on-board software that allows you to plug it into a computer and upload directly to YouTube or Myspace. You can read our review of The Flip Ultra here, and buy it in the UK from

We have some more suggestions - including a digital pen - in this back-to-school feature.

And we'll have plenty of news about our Awards after our hangovers clear tomorrow...