Jack White and Jimmy page throw strop over Guitar Hero

Oh dear! It looks like Guitar Hero has been upsetting some real Guitar Hero’s this week – White Stripes front man Jack White and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy

Guitar Hero has been a source of much controversy among real musicians for a while, but it goes without saying Activision's Guitar Hero has certainly helped put rock music in front of a new generation of gamers and wannabe rock stars.

Not only that, but the game is great for people who don’t posses enough skill (or interest) to play the real thing. Although saying that, there is a high level of dexterity and rhythm involved if you want to make it beyond easy mode playing Smoke On The Water.

Jack White voiced his aversion for the game during an LA press conference this week, subsequent to it being announced the White Stripes will be featuring in Guitar Hero 5. Clearly not happy with all the potential attention on the horizon from plastic guitar-strumming teenagers, Jack White would probably prefer the attention focused primarily on his tour with his new band, The Dead Weather.

According to NME journalists, he had quite the strop, saying: "It's depressing to have a label come and tell you that [Guitar Hero] is how kids are learning about music and experiencing music." And, "If you have to be in a videogame to get in front of them, that's a little sad."

Jimmy Page, someone who hasn’t let his views on Guitar Hero go unnoticed has repeatedly turned down offers from Activision and MTV for a Led Zep based game. Commenting further on his disdain for Guitar Hero, the Led Zeppelin guitarist echoed White at the same conference by saying kids can’t be learning anything worthwhile about musical instruments by playing computer games.

Guitar Hero has been around since 2005, letting frustrated rockers and wannabe rock gods strum out to their hearts content with their plastic shaped peripheral, so it's clearly not doing too badly.

What hasn’t been taken in to consideration is not all players care about the art of the musical instruments involved. Surely, that’s what real guitars are for? A vast majority of people just don’t have the patience to learn either an actual instrument or complicated gaming set ups, so in that respect the game is perfect.

But what do you guys think? Should we swap our plastic guitars for the real thing? Or should White and Page keep it zipped, as after all, it’s only a game, right?