iTunes to take on Spotify with music streaming?

Jailbroken iPads yield up tantalising hints of a streaming iTunes music service

Apple may be upping the ante when it comes to iTunes. 9to5Mac has found traces of a "radio button" within the iOS 6.1 iPad as well as the word "buy," in the button file name – suggesting that a streaming service similar to Xbox Music and Spotify is on the cards.

Although the same radio button reportedly cannot be found in the iPhone Music app, the New York Times reported last September that Apple was eyeing up potential record label deals to offer something akin to the Pandora music radio service whereby the music you listen to is tailored to you.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple has met with executives from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group Corp, and Sony Corp to discuss a streaming music service. It's reportedly set to launch in the first quarter of this year – so a streaming iTunes service is looking like a case of when, not if. After all, buying albums is so 90s, isn't it?

[9to5Mac via The Verge]

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